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2017 Chrysler Pacifica

2017 Chrysler Pacifica

If anyone can build a better minivan, it’s Chrysler By MALCOLM GUNN Just how significant is the new Pacifica minivan? Important enough to obliterate the Town & Country name, because, quite frankly, Chrysler doesn’t want you thinking about it. At all. Ever. The Pacifica is mind bleach. Your memory wipe. Is there anyone who … Continue reading “2017 Chrysler Pacifica”

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Safe driving techniques have changed

Driving today is different than it might have been when many motorists first earned their drivers’ licenses. As a result, safe driving techniques have changed. Learning these changes and adjusting driving habits can keep motorists and their passengers safe. • Watch the clock. Older guidelines indicated keeping hands on the steering wheel at the positions … Continue reading “Safe driving techniques have changed”